Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

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The purpose of this website is to illustrate the beauty and varieties of the Satyrinae species of the Western Palearctic and to serve as the number one source website for any information relating to Western Palearctic Satyrinae. For the moment, I will be focusing only on the Hipparchia, Pararge, Berberia, Pyronia, Brintesia, Lasiommata, Maniola, Melanargia, Chazara and the Pseudochazara species, and as time permits, I will also be uploading photos and information relating to the other genera as well.  Hope all Satyrinae enthusiasts will find this website useful.  Any comments and corrections would be more than welcome.



Satyrinae, the satyrines or satyrids, commonly known as the Browns, is a subfamily of the Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies). They were formerly considered a distinct family, Satyridae. This group contains nearly half of the known diversity of brush-footed butterflies. It is estimated that the true number of the Satyrinae species may exceed 2,400.[1]

They are generally weak fliers and often shun bright sunlight. The caterpillars feed chiefly on monocotyledonous plants such as palms, grasses and bamboos. The Morphinae are sometimes united with this group.

The taxonomy and systematics of the subfamily are under heavy revision. Much of the early pioneering work of L. D. Miller[2] has helped significantly by creating some sort of order. According to the latest studies on the classification of Nymphalidae, all Satyrines (except for the genus Dyndirus have been assigned to one of the 6 tribes, at least preliminarily[3].



The Satyrinae are found in all regions of the world, even close to the Arctic Circle. Because of the vast distribution that this group enjoys, I decided to focus my studies and collections on the Satyrinae of Europe and North Africa. However since the Chazara, Hipparchia and Pseudochazara are my favorites, and their distribution span mainly in the Middle East, I decided to cover this region just for these three genera.  The map to the right shows the entire area of coverage of this website.


Kingdom:        Animalia

Phylum:           Arthropoda

Class:                Insecta

Order:              Lepidoptera

(unranked):     Rhopalocera

Superfamily:   Papilionoidea

Family:             Nymphalidae

Subfamily:       Satyrinae

Distribution map of the Western Palearctic

Below you can find the genera which will be covered by this website (only the underlined Genera are available for the moment)



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[2] Miller, L.D. (1968): The higher classification, phylogeny and zoogeography of the Satyridae (Lepidoptera). Mem. Am. Entomol. Soc. 24: [vi] + iv + 1-174.

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