Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Melanargia Meigen, 1828

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NOTE: Except for Melanargia standfussi, the Melanargia species illustrated on this page are in line with
Nazari, V.; Ten Hagen, W.; Bozano, G.C. 2010: Molecular systematics and phylogeny of the 'Marbled Whites' (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Satyrinae, Melanargia Meigen). Systematic entomology, 35: 132–147.

For Melanargia standfussi, personally I disagree with their findings since this species is consistently much larger than any Melanargia larissa subspecies and the wing markings are consistently different.

 Melanargia galathea

 Melanargia lucasi

 Melanargia lachesis

Melanargia larissa

Melanargia standfussi

Melanargia wiskotti

Melanargia wiskotii

Melanargia russiae

Melanargia occitanica

Melanargia ines

Melanargia arge
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