Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic


05-Dec-22 Hipparchia sbordonii

08-Jul-22 Scientific Paper - Two new Geometridae for the Maltese islands: Microloxia herbaria and Scopula luridata

08-Jul-22 Scientific Paper - An additional record of Microsphecia tineiformis (Esper, 1789) for the Maltese Islands

10-Oct-21 Scientific Paper - Mythimna umbrigera (Saalmuller, 1891) new to the Maltese Islands

27-Jul-20 Scientific Paper - Stemmatophora combustalis (Fischer von Röslerstamm, 1842) new to the Maltese Islands

19-Oct-19 Maltese Scientific Paper - Additions to the Heterocera of Malta by Anthony Valletta, 1984

19-Oct-19 Maltese Scientific Papers - New page on Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

23-Sep-19 Scientific Paper - Die Verbreitung und subspezifische Gliederung von Pseudochazara mamurra

23-Dec-18 Scientific Paper - Notes on the geographical variation of Hipparchia autonoe with description of a new subspecies from Qinghai (China)

01-Oct-18 Scientific Paper - Agrotis desertorum Boisduval, 1840 new to the Maltese Islands

01-Oct-18 Scientific Paper - Yponomeuta morbillosus (Zeller, 1877) new to Europe and the Maltese Islands

01-Oct-18 Scientific Paper - Pest species Cydalima perspectalis (Walker, 1859) new to the Maltese Islands

28-Jan-18 Melanargia galathea magdalenae

25-Jan-18 Melanargia occitanica pherusa

25-Jan-18 Revision of the Genus Melanargia as per Nazari, Ten Hagen, Bozano, 2010

29-Nov-17 Scientific Paper - New taxa and new records of butterflies from Afghanistan

19-Sep-17 Scientific Paper - Taxonomic revision of the “Pierella lamia species group”

19-Sep-17 Scientific Paper - Morpholigical and molecular evidence supports Cithaerias cliftoni

31-Aug-17 Scientific Paper - A review of the genus Triphysa

13-Aug-17 Hipparchia occidentalis occidentalis - Flores

13-Aug-17 Hipparchia azorina azorina - Pico

20-Jul-17 Scientific Paper - Partial mtCOI-sequences of Balkanic species of Pseudochazara

02-Jul-17 Scientific Paper - Lantanophaga pusillidactylus (Walker, 1864) new for the Maltese Islands

26-Apr-17 Hipparchia syriaca cypriaca - added to the list of subspecies

09-Apr-17 Pseudochazara kermana - female

07-Dec-16 Scientific Paper - New Forms in the Genus Erebia

15-Oct-16 Update - About Malta

06-Oct-2016 Hipparchia blachieri larvae

28-Aug-2016 Scientific Paper - Lasiommata zagrossica spec. nov. from Iran

28-Aug-2016 Scientific Paper - Pseudochazara williamsi (Romei, 1927) distribución actualizada, corregida, y ampliada con nuevas localidades

27-Aug-2016 Hipparchia blachieri

27-Aug-2016 Hipparchia leighebi

25-Aug-2016 Scientific Paper - Species delimitation in the Grayling genus Pseudochazara

24-Aug-2016 Chazara kaufmanni sartha

15-Aug-2016 Azanus ubaldus - new Lycaenidae species for Malta and Europe

08-Jul-2016 Melanargia pherusa - larvae stage 3.

06-Jun-2016 Two new taxa of the genus Hipparchia

21-May-2016 Melanargia pherusa - habitat

27-Apr-2016 Hipparchia semele - update on courtship

25-Apr-2016 Scientific Paper - Delayed ovarian maturity in Hipparchia semele

25-Apr-2016 Scientific Paper - Chazara eitschbergeri new subspecies

19-Apr-2016 Hipparchia hansii pseudostatilinus - female form

28-Feb-2016 Scientific Paper - Partial mtCOI-sequence of Balkanic species of Pseudochazara reveal three well-differentiated lineages

06-Feb-2016 Hyponephele lycaon species complex in Israel

06-Feb-2016 Scientific Paper - Description of Hyponephele pagmani

31-Jan-2016 Coenonympha pamphilus

31-Dec-2015 Scientific Paper - On the occurrence of Pseudochazara orestes

31-Dec-2015 Scientific Paper - Molecular systematics & phylogeny of the Marbled Whites

29-Nov-2015 Hipparchia hansii tlemceni

22-Nov-2015 Hyponephele maroccana

13-Nov-2015 Pararge aegeria - added details about subspecies oblita and insula

01-Nov-2015 Coenonympha dorus dorus

31-Oct-2015 Coenonympha

27-Sep-2015 Pseudochazara mniszechii caucasica

11-Aug-2015 Scientific Paper - Documenting the discovery of Pseudochazara geyeri occidentalis in Greece

18-Jul-2015 Pararge aegeria lifecycle

28-Jun-2015 Pararge aegeria larvae

08-Jun-2015 Maniola jurtina hyperhispulla

05-Jun-2015 Scientific Paper - Speciation in Pararge butterflies - North Africa is the source of ancestral populations of all Pararge species

05-Jun-2015 Scientific Paper - Original description of Pseudochazara orestes

25-May-2015 Scientific Paper - Comparison of male genitalia and androconia of Pseudochazara anthelea

14-May-2015 Pseudochazara baldiva

12-May-2015 Pseudochazara mniszechii tisiphone - biotype

08-May-2015 Scientific paper - The lifecycle and ecology of Pseudochazara amymone

23-Apr-2015 Link to the website called The genus Stichophthalma

22-Apr-2015 Chazara sieversi and Chazara mortezai  - Probably both are valid species

19-Apr-2015  Pseudochazara amymone in Albania: Variability analysis, androconial scales and new distributional data

31-Mar-2015 Chazara staudingeri gultschensis, Hipparchia azorina (Terceira)

19-Mar-2015 Scientific paper documenting the life history and karyology of Paralasa nepalica

10-Feb-2015 Hyponephele, Hyponephele lupina

05-Jan-2015 Scientific paper documenting the first capture of Danaus chrysippus form alcippoides from Malta.

04-Jan-2015 Scientific paper documenting the taxonomic complexity of the five populations of Hipparchia wyssii

13-Dec-2014 Pseudochazara hippolyte hippolyte, Pseudochazara turkestana wakhilkhani, Pseudochazara mamurra kermana

12-Nov-2014 Melanargia occitanica - melanistic form

03-Oct-2014 Butterflies for sale

24-Sep-2014 Chazara prieuri kebira (female)

15-Sep-2014 Kirinia roxelana, Pseudochazara amalthea, Melanargia galathea, Melanargia larissa - biotypes

18-Aug-2014 Pseudochazara mamurra amymone - specimen resting on the road surface

17-Aug-2014 Pyronia janiroides

06-Aug-2014 Pseudochazara mamurra amymone, Brintesia circe - biotypes

01-Aug-2014 Scientific paper documenting the re-discovery of Pseudochazara mamurra amymone

24-Jul-2014 Original paper describing Pseudochazara schahrudensis nukatli

22-Jul-2014 Pseudochazara mamurra amymone - egg

18-May-2014 Chazara persephone persephone

12-Mar-2014 Hipparchia hansii colombati aberration

16-Feb-2014 Kirinia epimenides

11-Feb-2014 Maniola nurag

10-Feb-2014 Kirinia, Kirinia climene, Kirinia epaminondas, Kirinia epimenides, Kirinia roxelana

09-Feb-2014 Hipparchia tilosi

31-Jan-2014 Hipparchia blachieri

27-Dec-2013 Hipparchia christenseni and Hipparchia syriaca ghigii

22-Oct-2013 Original papers describing Chazara prieuri and Pseudochazara williamsi

19-Oct-2013 Hipparchia hansii edithae, Hipparchia miguelensis miguelensis

19-Oct-2013 Scientfic paper describing of Hipparchia hansii pseudostatilinus and Pseudochazara atlantis mounai

06-Oct-2013 Scientific paper: Chazara bischoffi and closely related species

04-Oct-2013 Hipparchia mersina

25-Sep-2013 Hipparchia hansii hansii

23-Sep-2013 Pseudochazara mniszechii mniszechii - biotype

23-Sep-2013 Scientific paper: Hyponephele - new taxon,

20-Sep-2013 Melanargia titea standfussi

05-Sep-2013 Satyrus actaea actaea

03-Sep-2013 Scientific paper: Description of androconia of Palearctic Asian Pseudochazara baldiva

12-Aug-2013 Hipparchia hansii subsaharae

05-Aug-2013 Scientific paper: The Taxonomy of the Genus Hipparchia; Maniola jurtina of the Western Mediterranean

01-Jul-2013 Lasiommata megera pupae

18-Jun-2013 Added link to Collector's Secret website

16-Jun-2013 Scientific paper: Downgrade of Pseudochazara graeca subspecies into forms.

16-Jun-2013 Lasiommata megera larva

09-Jun-2013 Pararge aegeria aegeria eggs

07-Jun-2013 Maniola jurtina hyperhispulla, Pararge aegeria & Lasiommata megera - biotypes

05-Jun-2013 Scientific paper: New data on the geographical distribution of Pseudochazara graeca

25-May-2013 Butterflies of France link added under the links section - http://www/

23-May-2013 Update to scientific papers

17-May-2013 Berberia lambessanus, Lasiommata meadewaldoi

16-May-2013 Pseudchazara lydia obscura

14-May-2013 Pseudochazara panjshira badachshana

08-Apr-2013 Scientific paper: Butterflies of Lithuania, Butterflies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Butterflies of Greece Naturetrek report 2005 & 2012

16-Mar-2013 Scientific paper: Mesapamea secalella

11-Mar-2013 Chazara briseis armena, Chazara briseis armena f. pirata

08-Mar-2013 Scientific papers updates

07-Mar-2013 Satyrus amasinus, Satyrus actaea actaea

05-Mar-2013 Satyrus sp., Satyrus virbius

08-Jan-2013 Pseudochazara turkestana esquilinus (male)

23-Nov-2012 Kirinia sp., Kirinia climene, Hipparchia fatua persicana

13-Nov-2012 Chazara briseis fergana

25-Oct-2012 Lopinga achine

24-Oct-2012 Arethusana arethusa

15-Oct-2012 Melanargia galathea f magdalenae, Melanargia galathea f procida

09-Oct-2012 Hipparchia semele semele

05-Oct-2012 Added photos About Malta - Hyles tithymali

02-Oct-2012 Uploaded personal published scientific papers (Non Satyrinae related)

25-Sep-2102 Melanargia galathea lucasi

16-Sep-2012 Replaced Pseudochazara pakistana with Pseudochazara gilgitica

14-Sep-2012 Melanargia larissa, Melanargia occitanica, Melanargia pherusa, Melanargia russiae

13-Sep-2012 Melanargia arge, Melanargia galathea, Melanargia ines, Melanargia lachesis

30-Aug-2012 Melanargia sp.

26-Aug-2012 Pseudochazara schahrudensis nukatli

22-Aug-2012 Pseudochazara turkestana esquilinus (added female photo), Pyronia (genus), Pyronia cecilia, Pyronia bathsheba, Pyronia tithonus

21-Aug-2012 Revised Checklist

20-Aug-2012 Brintesia circe, Hipparchia hermione - biotypes

31-Jul-2012 Pseudochazara williamsi williamsi, Chazara prieuri prieuri, Chazara briseis meridionalis, Maniola jurtina hispulla - biotypes

27-Jul-2012 Chazara persephone - biotypes

26-Jul-2012 Pseudochazara alpina, Pseudochazara schahrudensis, Pseudochazara pelopea, Pseudochazara daghestana - biotypes

27-Jun-2012 Hipparchia caroli (added female photo), Pseudochazara amalthea schawedae

20-Jun-2012 Pseudochazara lydia lydia (added female photo)

18-Jun-2012 Pseudochazara pelopea pelopea

16-Jun-2012 Larval host plants updated, Lasiommata maera, Lasiommata meadewaldoi, Lasiommata megera, Lasiommata petropolitana

15-Jun-2012 Lasiommata sp.

14-Jun-2012 Pseudochazara williamsi augustini

03-Jun-2012 Maniola chia

02-Jun-2012 Pseudochazara williamsi aislada, Pararge aegeria aegeria, Pararge aegeria tircis

30-May-2012 Maniola sp. Maniola chia, Maniola cypricola, Maniola halicarnassus, Maniola megala

26-May-2012 Hipparchia neomiris

23-May-2012 Hipparchia wyssii

19-May-2012 Hipparchia autonoe orchomenus

18-May-2012 Hipparchia pisidice, Hipparchia syriaca

21-Apr-2012 Pseudochazara pelopea tekkensis

19-Apr-2012 Hipparchia statilinus, Hipparchia stulta

17-Apr-2012 Hipparchia powelli, Hipparchia semele

14-Apr-2012 Hipparchia hermione, Hipparchia maderensis, Hipparchia neomiris, Hipparchia mersina, Hipparchia parisatis, Hipparchia pellucida, Hipparchia pisidice

14-Apr-2012 Updated Links/References webpage

13-Apr-2012 Pseudochazara droshica droshica

01-Apr-2012 GO LIVE! - Went Live with the website

01-Apr-2012 Larval host plants webpage

29-Mar-2012 Hipparchia autonoe sibirica

23-Mar-2012 Hipparchia fatua, Hipparchia maderensis

23-Mar-2012 Updated Links webpage

22-Mar-2012 Hipparchia azorina, Hipparchia caldeirense, Pseudochazara graeca graeca, Hipparchia ellena, Hipparchia fagi

20-Mar-2012 Updated Links webpage

19-Mar-2012 About Malta

18-Mar-2012 Pseudochazara mamurra birgit

18-Mar-2012 Begin of Updates page

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