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                         "Butterflies of Russia and adjacent countries"

                                           LXVII issue

                                                                             (2014 business season)


Dear Collector,

     I'm glad to present you the Catalogue found in the Excel file below.. I offer specimens from Russia and other countries

of the former USSR territory. Besides, I offer some interesting butterflies from N. & S. America,

W. Europe, China, N.India. I hope this Catalogue will be appreciated especially by those collectors

who are a specialists in Parnassius, Colias, Erebia, Oeneis, Clossiana, Melitaea, Lycaenidae, etc.

     This issue cancels and replaces all previous issues of this Catalogue.

     I hope to hear from you very soon.

                                                                             Sincerely yours,

                                                                            Alexei G. Belik,

                                                                               Dipl. Biol.


     All specimens are of A1 quality unless otherwise indicated. However, I do not accept liability

for dislodged legs or antennaes. This occurs sometimes (but very rare) because of careless handling

at Customs or during the mail transit (despite the best possible mode of packing and sturdy boxes).

     Butterflies are papered in triangles with the tissue paper inside for the best safety. All

specimens come with the full collecting data.



     Pr. – pair, f. – forma (variation), v. - very, N. - Northern, S. - Southern, E. - Eastern,

W. - Western, C. - Central, I. - Interior. With the exclamation mark (!) are marked the items of

special interest.


                                       ORDERING INFORMATION

To place order:

         Please indicate the full name, sex, quantity and price of items desired. All prices are

     in EURO.


Minimum order:

         Minimum order is € 50.00.



         You will get the Pro-Forma invoice on your order.   Upon the receipt of the Pro-Forma,

please produce your payment. Payment should be done by the bank money transfer to my account

(for European and Japanese customers). All the necessary info for the bank transfer will be

reported to you along with the Pro-Forma invoice. The overseas customers can make a payment

by 'Western Union' money transfer and/or 'MoneyGram'. For the details of WU's service in your

area, please check and use their 'Agent Locator' service. For MoneyGram,

please check


Shipping charges:

         Any order will be sent by the Registered airmail. Please add € 10.00 to the total value of

     your order for P&P.

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