Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Chazara enervata (Alpheraky, 1881)

Type locality: "Kuldja" [Mazar near Kuldzha, E. Tian-Shan, W. China].

Range: From Kopet-Dagh across Iran and Afghanistan to Pakistan and across the Pamirs-Alai to E. Tian-Shan and the S. Altai.

Habitat: A common species of dry stony and steppe habitats at 500-2,500 mtrs.

Flight Period: May to September

Form: A colour form with ochreous-red bands is known under the name of analoga (Alpheraky, 1881).

Note: this species was indicated in the Cadastre (Vol. 3, 1996; p. 228) for the «whole Kyrgyzstan» IMHO erroneously, that was supported by later investigations; thus, within the PATCA-KG-area two loci (in Katta-Karamyk and Kyrgyz Kashgaria) only (Toropov & Zhdanko 2006; p. 374: map) are still known.

Chazara enervata

ssp. enervata

Chazara enervata

ssp. enervata

Chazara enervata form analoga

ssp. enervata f. analoga

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