Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Coenonympha dorus (Esper, 1782)

Type locality: Toulouse, France

Range: Portugal, Spain, South France, Maritime Alps & Apennines in Italy, North East Morocco and North Algeria.

Habitat: Rocky or stony slopes, maquis, road side verges, pastures and other grassy biotypes from 100mtrs up to 1,700mtrs.

Flight Period: Early June to mid August


ssp. bieli (Staudinger, 1901) - North and Central Portugal and North West Spain.

ssp. austauti (Oberthur, 1881) - North East Morocco and North Algeria

Coenonympha dorus dorus
Coenonympha dorus dorus

ssp. dorus

Coenonympha dorus bieli
Coenonympha dorus bieli

ssp. bieli

Coenonympha dorus austauti
Coenonympha dorus austauti

ssp. austauti

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