Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Lasiommata maera (Linnaeus, 1758)

Type locality: Sweden

Range: From Iberian Peninsula (except SW) to Sicily, Greece, Cyprus, Rhodes & Turkey. Absent from Britain, N. Belgium, Netherlands, NW Germany, Denmark, N Finland, Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia & Crete.

Habitat: Dry, grassy, rocky or stony places, including steep slops and screes.

Flight Period: North – mid June to late August; South – late April to September.


ssp.  adrasta (Hübner, [1823-1824]) – North Africa, to SW Europe;

ssp. maera (Verity, 1953) – North to Central Europe.

Note: Very rarely, females have an extra pair of eye spots on the forewings.  This aberration is called form triops.  For more details see the document in the scientific papers called Neues und Wissenswertes aus Oberosterreich.

Lasiommata maera adrasta
Lasiommata maera adrasta
ssp. adrasta

Lasiommata maera maera
Lasiommata maera maera

ssp. maera

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