Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Melanargia galathea (Linnaeus, 1758)

Type locality: Germany

Range: NE Spain throughout most of Europe including S. England and Sicily, to Lithuania, C Greece and Turkey.  It is absent from N. Netherlands, N. Germany and South Greece.

Habitat: Diverse: grassy, flowery, bushy places between sea level up to 1,750mtrs.

Flight Period: Early June to early September.


ssp. lucasi (Rambur, 1858) – Bougie, Algeria – flight period is between mid-May to July at lower altitudes; June to early September at high altitudes.

Melanargia galathea
Melanargia galathea
ssp. galathea
Melanargia lucasi
Melanargia lucasi

ssp. lucasi

Melanargia galathea magdalenae

ssp. galathea f. magdalenae

Melanargia galathea procida

ssp. galathea f. procida 

Melanargia galathea

 Melanargia galathea biotype

11/07/2014, Albania, 888mtrs

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