Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Melanargia occitanica (Esper, 1793)

Type locality: Toulouse

Range: S. France to Maritime Alps in Italy, N. & C. Portugal and Spain.

Habitat: Hot, dry, grassy, rocky places between sea level up to 1,500mtrs.

Flight Period: Late April to late June.


ssp. moghrebiana (Varin, 1951) - Ifrane, Azrou, Annoceur, Tizi-n'Foucht, Col du Taghzeff, Aghbalou Larbi (Middle Atlas) (Morocco)

ssp. pelagia (Oberthür, 1911) – Sebdou, Algeria
Melanargia occitanica moghrebiana
Melanargia moghrebiana
ssp. moghrebiana
Melanargia occitanica
Melanargia occitanica

ssp. occitanica

Melanargia occitanica pelagia
Melanargia pelagia
ssp. pelagia
Melanargia occitanica

ssp. occitanica (melanistic form)

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