Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Pseudochazara amalthea (Frivaldsky, 1845)

Type locality: Crete
Range: Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Bpsnia and Herzegovina, Crete, Bulgaria (Struma Valley) South of Kresna gorge.
Habitat: Dry and rocky areas with sparse vegetation between 150-800 mtrs.
Flight Period: June to August

ssp. amalthea (Frivaldsky, 1845) - Albania, Greece, Balkans, Crete, Bulgaria (Struma Valley) South of Kresna gorge;

ssp. schawerdae (Fruhstorfer, 1908) - Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pseudochazara amalthea
Pseudochazara amalthea

ssp. amalthea

ssp. schawerdae

Pseudochazara amalthea

 Pseudochazara amalthea biotype

This biotype is shared with Pseudochazara mamurra amymone as well.

11/07/2014, Albania, 700mtrs

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